April 25, 2014



Hair Traps

  hair trap 1701 marble catch-allMarble 1701: This may be purchased to catch the hair in a trap for easy cleaning and NO clog piping. Over 400% more capacity. Fits existing shampoo bowls and may be used in most areas. Please check local codes prior to ordering.   hair trap belvedere h1HT1: Belvedere HT1 Hair Trap. Compact design, easy to install. Hair trap with screw off end to remove unwanted hair and other debris from the lines. Captures Hair, Material. Prevents Blockages. Easy Maintenance. Genuine plumbing parts from Belvedere for Belvedere shampoo bowls. Also works with other manufacturers shampoo bowls.   Hair Trap Watts SI 750Watts SI-750: Watts Drainage Products SI-750 epoxy coated cast iron hair interceptor with gasketted cover, slip joint inlet elbow, removable sediment basket, and 1-1/2 in. (36mm) IPS threaded connections.   hairtrap1  

Shampoo Units

  Pibb 565 Italian Shampoo Hot and Cold FixturePIB 565: Italian Shampoo Hot and Cold Fixture (Complete Set) This is an Italian made hot and cold fixture handle for all Pibbs and most any shampoo unit. Comes with all necessary hardware. Metric Fittings with adapters included. This also accepted by most plumbing codes in the USA and may be looked up the official fixture website. Comes with the handle fixture on the right in the same box.   hair trap belvedere h1PIB-F3039
Pibbs Italian Spray
Faucet Handle: Fits most any shampoo bowl and all Pibbs backwash systems
  Marble Products #400 Diverter Faucet Handle: For use with the #500 Dial Flo type faucet. Use this pull up diverter hose to wash your hands or use it
to fill things up. Has many uses and can go on marble products bowls. If not already attached, this cannot be added to your
existing bowl. This is meant as a replacement part or for your new shampoo bowl as an option.
  Belvedere 622TC Flo Temp Deck Mount Fixture: Comes with tailpiece & single handle controlled faucet.  

Sink Parts

  Marble 700 Hot and Cold FixtureMarble 700 Double Handled Fixture: Solid Brass, 3 3/8″cc high quality hot and cold faucet for use with disappearing shampoo sprays. This is available for older style bowls only.   Pibbs 0613 TiltingPibbs 0613 Tilting Mechanism: Made for any Pibbs Italian Backwash system. Replacement part for broken bowls or loose ones. Fits nearly any Italian made backwash.   Belvedere 5001872 Whiz SprayerBelvedere 5001872 Whiz Sprayer: Single screw connector 42″L Black only.   Pibbs 560 Vacuum BreakerPibbs 560 Vacuum Breaker: This is Pibbs breaker and fits all Pibbs backwash and shampoo bowls, including most any type of shampoo bowl made. Plate and connectors not shown.This may be purchased to catch the hair in a trap for easy cleaning and NO clog piping. Over 400% more capacity. Fits existing shampoo bowls and may be used in most areas. Please check local codes prior to ordering.  

  Italica 0174Italica 0174: Can Be Used In Any Backwash W/ Good Drains This One Is Approved By IAPMO This flexible hose is very high quality and can be used with nearly ANY backwash or moveable shampoo bowl that needs to tilt or go up and down. Comes with dual gaskets and 2 screw ends for fast easy hookup.   hairtrap2             

These are not all of the salon sink parts / products that we carry. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in additional salon sink parts / products that are not on this site. More salon sink parts / products will be added to HairTraps.com in the future. info@HairTraps.com • 917.477.5493

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  • These are not all of the salon sink parts / products that we carry. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in additional salon sink parts / products that are not on this site. More salon sink parts / products will be added to HairTraps.com in the future.